The toolkit
for a smarter money.

Circular provides the essential
tools to implement your community
currency based on Blockchain.
A creative bottom-up proposal


A community currency is a medium of exchange that is not a national currency but that is thought of as supplementing or complementing national currencies.

Their aim is to protect, stimulate or orientate the economy. They may also be used to advance particular social, environmental or political goal.

Why Circular?

Circular is a blockchain platform that provides the essential toolkit to create secure and scalable community currencies with the goal of increasing financial inclusion and community resilience.

Through Circular it is possible to create currencies in a do-it-yourself fashion, thereby saving months of time and thousands of dollars.

Key Features

Integrated platform

Prototype, test and scale community currency systems with templates.​

Security and scalability

Based on EOSIO technology.
Transparency. Traceability.

Easy to use UI

Complete toolkit and
flexible customization.

Circular is an open source platform where each layer of the UI stack is ready to meet the users needs as easily as posible.

Marketplace & Control Panel

Monetary systems templates

White-label wallet

Fintech for today, DeFi for the Future.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) involves the deployment of the tools provided by Fintech companies on public Blockchains. DeFi attempts to make traditional financial services accessible to the large portion of the world population that has been historically excluded from world markets.

Circular is developing the social side of DeFi, working along communities, to provide them with the financial tools they need to reach a path of sustained growth based on social inclusion.
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Meet the Team

We are experts in economics, sustainability, blockchain technology, design and digital marketing.
Our founders have been working together for +4 years in the fintech ecosystem.

Sebastian Valdecantos


Matias Romeo


Jesus Chitty


Milena Mileo


Fernando Buero Trebino

Front- End

Ready to start?

Power up your community with our toolkit.

Our Onboarded Communities

We strategically decided to develop this challenging use cases to understand the needs, goals and obstacles of 3 very different communities.

These experiences allow us to successfuly design our platform focusing in a broad variety of solutions and their diverse objectives.


Mutual Loans


Circular Economy


Purchasing Orders

Explaining a Sucess Case

Sebastian Valdecantos talks about MonedaPAR, a mutual credit system for the exchange of goods, services and knowledge based on Blockchain technology that exemplifies the true power of Community Currencies.

EOS Community Conference 2019 | Belmond Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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